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"Let It Be" PIDC!

Come and join us for a 3 week camp 6-15/7-3. 9am-1pm M-F 
We will explore, and perform different songs from the Beatles! 
"Let It Be" PIDC combines the re-produced and re-imagined music of the Beatles with an interpretive dance, artistic, musical, spoken word and athletic stage performance. - Cost for 3 weeks, with a final performance at Kure Beach Amphitheater July 3rd. $350 per child. Open to Everyone 6yrs and up. 9am-1pm.

Acro Camp!!!! 7-6/7-10 9am-1pm M-F
This is a combined ages class that will have 12 levels with 28 skills in each level to develop all areas of acro dance (including flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling) to complement all disciplines! Cost $200 per child Open to Everyone 6yrs and up!

HipHop/Contemporary/Booty Camp!!!!  7-13/7-17 9am-1pm M-F 
This mixed danced camp is a MUST for the up and coming competition dancer! It will combine different style combinations that will challenge your dancer in picking up choreography, and building muscle memory!! 
FYI.....Recent studies show how different types of practice allow dancers to achieve peak performance by blending cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory and ‘proprioception’ held in the cerebellum. Through regular aerobic training that incorporates some type of dance at least once a week anyone can maximize his or her brain function!!! 
We will be training our other muscles in a intense Booty Camp that will happen throughout the scheduled day. Cost $200 per child.

Ballet intensive classes will be happening Mondays and Wednesdays 1:15-2:30pm all summer long. Cost is $150 a month June/July. Space is limited due to parents wanting a small classes. First come first served. Do not wait to reserve your child's spot!

Normal PIDC classes start back Monday, August 3rd.

!!!!SPACES ARE LIMITED!!!! Sibling discounts available!!!



"Hail Hail!"
"Hail Hail!!!" This was such a fun quirky dance to work on! The children had a blast with this concept!
DOUBLE PLATINUM and ALWAYS in the Overalls!

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I cant wait to be in pidc I hope I can be age 10

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