Pleasure Island Dance Company


PIDC Booty Camp!!
6-20/24 9am-2pm.
Pleasure Island Dance is inviting you to spend the week with us!  You will walk away with a feeling of satisfaction and notable results! 
'Booty Camp" is a challenging stretch clinic along with light weight training, cardio and overall conditioning.  We will check in on Monday Morning to document our "stats"  and then at the end of the week to see our progress. 
"Stats"  consist of 
1. Flexibly 
2. Body mass index
3. Resting heart rate verses working heart rate.
4. Endurance scale
Snack and Lunch will consist of healthy choices.  PIDC will have different snack and lunch options available if you would like to purchase a "Meal Ticket" for your child.  It is a separate $55.00 charge, includes drinks.
Camp = $200
Optional Meal Ticket = $55.00
$100.00 Deposit due at signup.  



PIDC Acro Camp!






Next years competition season is right around the corner!  Wouldn't you love for me to be able to choreograph on students with lots of great tricks?!?


Marie's wish list...................... 


Aerials *sides and front


All Stands






Contortion Work










Not a Comp kid?  Not an issue.  I firmly believe that all children need good body control!  I teach them how to "fall" safely, learning where your core is and how to use it.  Along with how to push and kick off the ground.  All these skills go a long way in the overall development of a well rounded child.  




Come on out and lets establish these personal goals!




Camp = $200


Optional Meal Ticket = $55.00


$100.00 Deposit due at signup
PIDC Music Theater Camp!
August 1-13 show premieres 
Sunday, Aug 14th
"Around The World with PIDC"
Your child will embark on a musical journey around the world with this exciting music theater camp!  They will be performing the showcase Sunday Aug 14th at Theater Now.  
19 S. 10th St., Wilmington, NC 28401
Camp = $350.00
Optional Meal = $110.00
$100.00 Deposit due at signup



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